Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wet n wild Coloricon blush in HeatHeather Silk and Berry Shimmer Review

I have been listening things about the Wet n Wild blushes from emilynoel83 for so long and according to her Wet n Wild and Elf Studio are the best drugstore blushes.  I love watching her videos and I am her FAN so I thought I should give them a try and see if they work for me also.  And these blushes are often compared to NARS blushes.  On my recent visit to y local store I picked two of them.  Read on to know my experience.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush

Price:- $2.99

Wet n Wild coloricon Blush

My Views:-  The formula is smooth and silky and has incredible color pay off for a nice pop of color on cheeks. The key is to gently swirl the brush in the blush tap off the excess and then apply gently using a good blush brush.  Little goes a long way.  The brush that comes with the blushes is waste.  Has a very simple packaging.

Berry Shimmer:- This is a coralish berry color blush which will suit medium to darker skin tones.  Suitable for night time. Shimmery but the shimmers don't look offensively frosty on the face.

Heather Silk:-It is a dusty pink color blush which will suit all skin tones.  Wearable anytime. Matte blush.


Wet n Wild coloricon Blush
Thumbs Up:

1.  Great quantity as well as quality for the price.

2.  Highly pigmented.

3.  Very smooth and soft texture.

4.  Fades leaving behind a sheen and glow on the cheeks

5.  Dermatologist tested.

Thumbs Down:

1.  Useless brush with flimsy packaging

2.  It's very powdery. It kicks up a considerable amount of excess powder when I swirl my brush in it. So I always tap off excess.  That's the same (and only) problem I encountered with the Wet n wild Eyeshadows.

In the end, this blush does what it's supposed to and it only costs $3. 
For the price I can definitely overlook having to blow the excess powder off.
If Wet'n'Wild expanded the range, I would definitely purchase more colors. Right now I'm not interested in any of the other blushes they have. Anyways,both of them are great budget blusher.

Hope this was helpful.

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