Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer Apocaliptic and Stellar

Fall is coming, and I am in a real mood for some fun colors.  Rimmel show off lips needs no introduction, everybody is raving about them and so am I. I have been waiting for them to come to United States for so long, so finally they are here but Rimmel has changed the name from Apocalips to Show Off.   But what is in the name. I picked up mine from Walgreens.  Read on to know more.

Rimmel london show off lip lacquers Apocaliptic and Stellar

The earth-shattering lip lacquer from Rimmel London combining the intense color of lipstick with a lacquer like shine, Show Off Lip Lacquer is an explosive make-up phenomenon that represents the end of color as you know it.  Packed with pure color pigments, its lusciously creamy, conditioning formula promises a never-before combination of color, shine and comfort that last and last.

Price:-  $4.99

Available in 14 shades.

Rimmel london show off lip lacquers Apocaliptic and Stellar

My Experience:- 

The packaging is very eye-catching especially with the whole ombre effect that they got going on the tube. You can see what the shade is on the bottom half and then on the top it’s a glossy black with cool unique diamond crystal shapes as the cap and you can’t forget.. their fancy silver font.  These are liquid lipstick with super duper pigmentation.  The brush or the applicator has a little well in it wherein the color fills up. These have a silky, soft formula with a long lasting semi-matte finish, they provide full color pay off at a single application which deepens with further application. They apply beautifully and have a softer, silkier feel that’s almost satiny on dry down. ALL the shades I tried were full color on a single stroke, no building needed.  They feel very light weight on the lips, but donot have any hydration properties, so dont forget to scrub the lips and apply some balm before using these.  These are quite long wearing, i mean on my lips they were there for 4 hrs nearly and they leave a stain after 4 hrs which is good.   I've discovered that a tiny amount gives you a beautiful tint to the lips without it being too bold, perfect to go with a nude or smokey eye! 

Apolcaliptic-  Bright Rosy Pink
Stellar:- Bright orangey Red


Rimmel london show off lip lacquers Apocaliptic and Stellar
Thumbs Up:-

1.  Awesome pigmentation.

2.  Long wearing.

3.  Wide color selection.

4.  Great price.

5.  Little goes a long way.

Thumbs Down:-

1.  May not look good on dry chapped lips, do not provide any hydration.

I absolutely love these lip lacquer and have worn it several times.  Nude eyes looks best with these two shades because they are so bright.  I am eyeing on other colors now.

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