Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Forever21 Love and Beauty Mango Dream body Lotion Review

I am a big fan of Forever21, on my last visit to this South Point Mall I picked up some of the dresses and shorts for my upcoming vacation. While checking out I saw this range of Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion, I picked up the Mango Dream.  The packaging was very luxurious and fancy and it says Ultra Hydrating.  So I picked it up.  Read on more to know my experience

Price: $3.80

Forever21 Love and Beauty Mango Dream Body lotion


Slip away into paradise with lavishing mango dream hydrating body lotion.  Smooth all over body for dreamy, kissable, soft skin.  Spread a little more love to rough and dry areas.

My Experience:- 

When I first saw it I fell in love with the packaging.  It is very luxurious and pretty.  As the name says it smells of Mango.  These are the only two things that i like now apart from that its a total dud for me.  It is not at all hydrating.  On the very first day when I applied it all over body after the shower, it felt hydrating.  But within 10 minutes my skin was dry.  The texture of the cream is thin.  In simple words, it did not worked for me.  It was not all hydrating.  So the claims of Ultra Hydrating are FALSE.

Forever21 Love and Mango Dream Body Lotion
Thumbs Up:-

1.  Luxurious packaging.

2.  Pleasant fragrance, not too overpowering.

3.  Not tested on animals.

4.  Great quantity for the price.

5.  Cruelty free.

Thumbs Down:

1.  Not at all hydrating.

2. Don't do anything on rough and dry area as per claims.

Overall,  I don't like this product it is a total waste product for me on hydration part.  Its just another luxurious packaging bottle standing on my vanity.

Hope this was helpful.

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