Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Apply Foundation: Different Ways & Tips and Tricks

There were times when I really used to think how flawless and beautiful the skin of some people look.  But I never knew this is the magic of foundation.  The right foundation will even out skin tone and gives the appearance of  flawless skin.  But the key is to do it right otherwise blunders can happen.

There are certain tips and tricks that we all should be aware of and off course the right way to apply foundation, I am listing few of them first:-

1.  Always try foundation on your jawline never on your hand.
2.  Shade of foundation is correct if it disappears without blending.
3.  Always moisturise your skin, never ever apply foundation on bare face.
4.  Wait for 5 minutes after applying moisturiser so that it can sink into the skin.
5.  Apply primer if you want smooth application, if you want makeup to stay longer and to minimise the appearance of fine lines or for the matte look.
6.  Less is more so apply foundation where you need more coverage and always start with small areas.
7.  Use foundation on your eyelids even if you don't wear eye shadow, it will even out the eyelid tone and instantly brighten up the eye area.
8.  Always start from center of the face an blend outwards always.
9.  Before applying liquid foundation always shake the bottle before use as sometime liquid foundation can settle at the bottom.
10.  If you have lighter foundation you can add few drops of bronzer and make it work for you.
11.  Personally I like to do my foundation first and than the concealer later because foundation takes care of the flaws already and this way you don't need much concealer.
12.  Take the foundation on the back of your hands and warm it up. 

Now coming to the different ways of applying foundation:-

1.  Sponges:-
Sponges gives sheer coverage as most of the product gets absorbed in the sponge and you tend to use more product this way.  Application method is Stamping.  So stamp and blend, stamp and blend.  Blending is the key to apply foundation.  always cross check if their are any harsh lines.

2.  Fingertips:-
Fingertips you can get medium to full coverage as you really have the control.  whatever product you are taking out of the bottle is going on your face so you are definitely getting more coverage because their is no middlemen here.  Dot the foundation over the face, start with small areas and blend outwards. 

3.  Brush:-
You can achieve medium to full coverage here. So what you are going to do is take your brush dot it over small area and blend.  Stippling circular motion and blend outwards.  You can use brush for powder foundation also but I like to spray water on the brush and then sweep it on the foundation and than apply.  So basically for liquid and cream foundation you need a stippling brush.  And for the powder foundation flat top kabuki works best.

Personally, my favorite method of applying foundation is via Brush!

So once the foundation is done wait for 1-2 minutes and than apply powder as it can make the foundation cakey.

So these are my tips on applying foundation.  Always remember less is more and blending is the key for the flawless face.  Hope this helps!

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