Friday, January 17, 2014

The Right Way to Use Bobby Pins!

Recently I got a haircut and this time I got them short and I need lots of bobby pins if I want tiny mini pony.  The other day I went for a walk with one of my friend who stays with me in my community and I asked her to put the bobby pin back of my hairs and it stay there whole day and my hair didn't mess up at all.  Next day I asked her how did u applied the bobby pin my hairs didn't move at all.  And she show me the correct way and it totally blew my mind.  

I am 27 years old and I have been using bobby pin wrong way ( which according to me was right )

And now the correct way that she told me is this-

So the correct way is to put the curvy side down and the plain side up.  The curves are basically for the grip, they are meant to hold your hair and prevent the bobby pin from sliding off and hold the hair tight.

So now all of us know the correct way of using a Bobby Pin  and its definitely gonna change your life too...if you also struggle with sliding Bobby Pins.  Try this and I am sure you are going to love this as much as I do.

Till then Be Blessed!
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