Thursday, January 23, 2014

Drugstore Makeup Haul!

You guys remember I mentioned in my outfit post here that I went for shopping so besides some clothing and shoes I also picked few stuff from Ulta and Walgreens.  So here is another mini shopping that I did last weekend. Hope you guys enjoy it.

1.  Palladio Stuff from ULTA:-

1.  Palladio Rice Powder:-  I dont really own a powder which is translucent so I got this to see how it works.

2.  Palladio Lip Balm in Berry:-  I am a lip balm addict and don't own any from Palladio so I picked these.


2.  NYX Stuff from ULTA:-  This is one of my fav drugstore brand so I have to pick some product from this.

NYX Cosmetics
1.  NYX Black Label Lipstick Midnight Dinner:-  I saw Ankita from Corallista talking about this lipstick on her blog and this is such a gorgeous shade that I have been eyeing on, so finally picked it.

2.  NYX Ultra Pearl Mania:-  I dont own any loose shadow and I found the shade gorgeous so pick this up.

3.  NYX Liquid Eyeliner in Purple:-  I don't really own much colored liner and I found this shade Eggplant very appealing so picked this up.

4.  NYX Lip Pencil in Hot Pink and Pumpkin:-  NYX has amazing lip pencil, the texture as well as the pigmentation is superb, I have few of these but I wanted more so picked these also.

5.  NYX Creme Blush in Tickled:-  I found the shade gorgeous and quite different, though its creme but for winters I can try that.

3.  Jordana Stuff from Walgreens

This is one brand which has high quality stuff and the price is just amazing, can be compared to ELF.

1.  Jordana Envy Color Eyeliner:-  I am loving the eggplant shade these days so picked this one also.

2.  Jordana Lip Liner in Sedona Red-  One of the gorgeous Red Lip pencil.

3.  Jordana Twist and Shine:-  This is one product that I absolutely love I already have one shade which is amazing  in terms of quality and amazing staying power, so I have to pick this one.

4.  Jordana Blush:-  I saw Emily talking about these, she was saying they have amazing pigmentation.  So I really want to see how a $3 blush will work.

4.  Milani Gift from my Neighbour:-

I always wanted to try Milani blushes and my neighbour Daniel was ordering few stuff from Cherry Culture and she asked me if I want anything I said yes order one milani blush from me.  And I got the one in shade Luminoso.  So its a gift from her.

Milani Blush Luminoso

So this is what I shop last weekned.  Hope you like it.  So what is your recent purchase, I would love to know that.

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