Friday, December 20, 2013

Indulge in the Traditional Tibetan Kunye therapy- Exclusive from Alaya Spa

Indulge in the Traditional Tibetan Kunye therapy- Exclusive from Alaya Spa

One doesn’t need a reason to go on a spa vacation. You can follow this as a part of your healthy lifestyle, to reconnect with friends over a spa session, or simply to spend some special time with yourself. Alaya Spa brings you their signature therapy- The Traditional Tibetan Kunye.

The unique Tibetan Kunye massage is an effective, dynamic system of massage and bodywork therapies. It is an important aspect of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, one of our world’s most ancient and advanced lineages of healing arts.  For many centuries, the renowned physicians and yogis of Tibet have relied upon the practice of Kunye Massage for restoring health and balance.

For Kunye Massage treatment, Alaya Spa includes the use of specific herbal oils to the body, deep tissue work, identifying and working on specific points, mobilizing the tissues of joints and warming the body.

Kunye Massage offers huge benefits. It helps balance the elements of the body, relax tensions, ease pain, and revitalize the energy. Internally, the therapy helps to alleviate constipation and supports healthy digestion. It also relieves symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, exhaustion, bereavement and traumatic stress. And good news for all ladies is that this therapy is also helpful in rejuvenating dry, course skin giving making them glow with health.

So, step into Alaya Spa and de-stress yourself with this amazing package or gift this experience to your loved ones.

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