Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Benefit Big Time Prime Kit Review

I love Benefit as a brand because all of their products have superb quality plus they really look good on Indian skin tones. I don't use makeup on daily basis so when this time my favorite Porefessional got finished I thought of getting smaller size because it takes long to finish up the tube.  So on the website I saw this kit Benefit Big Time Prime, I instantly ordered it. Benefit Big Time Prime kit has two primers Porefessional and that gal.  Read on to know my experience with these.

Benefit Porefessional and That Gal Primer
Big Time Prime Kit

Claims:-  Porefessional claims to minimise the appearence of pores and gives smooth base to skin and That Gal primer is a brightening primer that is basically to add glow to the face.


Benefit Big Time Prime Kit
Packaging:-  Both the products comes in a cardboard box packaging with two products inside which are in the tube form.  Packaging is great for travel and i love tube packaging.

Texture:-  Benefit Porefessional has a thick creamy texture and That Gal Primer has a thin consistency with creamy texture. Both of these have silky smooth texture which gets absorb into the skin making it soft and smooth.

Smell:-Both of them have a very pleasent smell. 

Benefit Porefessinal and Benefit That Gal Primer
Benefit Big Time Prime Kit
Effectiveness:-  Benefit Porefessional is one of my favorite primer that was the main reason to buy this kit.  I have open pores around my nose and cheeks, and it definitely minimise the appearance of those pores.  Gives a smooth base for the foundation and my skin look flawless after using this under my foundation.  It is a silicon based primer, so people who are allergic to silicon can skip this.

Benefit that Gal Primer is the one that I never used earlier.  It claims of giving glow to the face but somehow I didn't noticed it when I applied this as primer.  But when I use it over my foundation as a highlighter on the cheekbones it looked good    It works more as a highlighter than a primer.  

Tip for Applying Benefit Porefessional-  Porefessional does not diminish the pores it minimise the appearance of pores.  The tip is to use it in patting motion on the areas where you have open pores rather than rubbing it.  This way it works effectively.

Benefit Big Time Prime Kit
Overall,  I love Benefit  Porefessional and I would suggest everyone with open pores to give it a try.  Regarding Benefit that gal primer I don't think that it does something great.  So I would not buy it again.  But for the price which is $12 for both the products in a kit.  It is definitely a decent deal.
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