Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY: How to Make Nutella Hot Choclate

Sorry for being MIA ( Missing in Action ) guys, I was not keeping well that is why I was not able to update the blog regularly.  On a good note New year is coming and I wish that New year brings happiness and good health in everybody's life.  I wanted to do a quick post which will not take more time so I thought I should share my favorite drink of winter which is not only hot but its amazing in taste as well.  Chocolate and Hazelnut are my favorite flavors and nothing can beat Nutella hot chocolate in winters.  Nutella Hot choclate is a very simple recipe and one can make this in less than 5 minutes.
Nutella Hot choclate

Serves:-1 Cup

Tools Needed:- Pan, Whisker or fork , Cup

Nutella -2 tbsp or as per your taste
1 Cup milk
Some Choclate Chips
Whipped Cream

Nutella Hot Choclate


Gather all ingredients and tools to avoid any hassle.

Put the stove on medium-low heat. Put saucepan on the stove pour milk in it 

Nutella Hot choclate
Add Nutella depending on your taste if you have a sweet tooth like me you can add 2 tbsp else 1 tbsp is fine.

Nutella Hot choclate

Whisk the nutella and milk together till nutella is fully blended in the milk.

Nutella Hot choclate
Turn off the stove.  Serve in your favorite coffee bug with whipped cream and chocolate chips topping.

Nutella Hot choclate
The Final Look-

Nutella Hot choclate
If you like Cinnamon you can top that also, I am not a fan of cinnamon that is why I have used chocolate chips.

So This is the quick hot drink for winters, anyone who loves chocolate and hazelnut is going to love this.  Even my little girl loves it so much.  If you like this recipe do try this its super quick and takes less than 5 minutes.  Hope you love it as much as I do. 

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