Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Libester Award

Hey everyone! 

Aditi from Chicorita nominated me for the Liebster Award recently. When I received message from Aditi regarding this award I was like what is that, I literally searched Google and searched the meaning of Liebster.  Liebster is a German word and it means someone who is dear and beloved.  Blogger awards are such a great way to learn more about your fellow bloggers. I enjoyed getting to know more about Aditi and Thank you so much for this award. I really appreciate that.

Aditi has asked me few questions that I am answering below:-

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
It has to be London, I have spent one of the best part of my life there and its the place which is very close to my heart.
2. What is your favorite meal?
It has to be Noodles,  I can eat Noodles anytime.
3. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
It really depends, I check emails and facebook on Weekends and on weekdays its like "bhago late ho gaye, Soumya has to go to school".
4. How many lipsticks do you own?
Never counted them.  a girl should never count her stuff.
5. Where and what time of day do you usually write?
In the morning when my daughter is in school and in the afternoon when she is sleeping.
6. Is there anything about yourself that you would like to change or are totally uncomfortable about?
Yes, I am very short tempered and expressive person.  If I don't like something I say it without thinking.
7. Do you have a pet?
No,  And I don't want to because my little girl has allergies.
8. Best book you have read recently?
I don't read books now as I am a mom to a toddler and she takes most of my time, the only book I read now is Rhymes for Toddler that has some rhymes for young kids.
9. Beauty product you can’t live without?
It has to be Lip Balm and Kohl.
10. Gold or Silver?
I like Silver though I don't have that much of Silver Collection.
11. Diamond or Gold?
Diamonds are girl's best friends.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed doing this post.

It is time for me to Tag,  I am tagging

Riya from My Makeup and Beauty Vanity

Sugandha from Glam Me Gal

Now guys this is ur turn!



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