Saturday, August 17, 2013

Under Eye Concealing Tips

Just wanted to share some of the tips based on my observation...I always had the problem of my concealer settling down in fine lines.  But with these quick tips I overcome this problem of mine.

1.  Always moisturise your under eye area using a good eye cream, this will give a good base.

2.  Apply foundation first so that it can hide some of the problem areas and then apply concealer.

3.  Start with a very small amount, and build it up only if you think it's necessary. 

4.   Get some of that concealer on your finger, and rubbing it together with another finger. This will immediately make the texture just the slightest bit thinner and it'll blend with your skin in a more natural way.

5.   A light dusting of powder over the concealer can work wonders for making that whole area look smooth, even, and bright. You can use any face powder also.

6.  Now check those little lines under your eye area. You don't always notice this immediately after concealer application but after a few minutes- you may see product settling in those lines. It's something pretty much all concealers will do. But if you blot over those lines with a q-tip, you can remove that excess product. It'll help your lower liner stay in-tact also.

These are the things that I do to avoid the problem, give it a try and hope that work for you also.  Hope this was helpful.
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