Saturday, August 17, 2013

Remedies for thin hairs!

I have been dealing with thinning of hairs for so long, right after my delivery.  My hair started behaving bad and I was hiding a visible scalp and  worrying about strands that I can’t afford to lose. 

Then My Grandma gave me this tip and it helped me get back my hairs back. So I just wanted to share with you. 

Make a Banana protein smoothie.  

Bananas are rich in amino acid and 
Eggs enhance hair elasticity, strengthen, and add thickness. 

Blend two egg yolks, two ripe bananas, two to three tablespoons of honey, half cup of conditioner, and two tablespoons of olive oil, until fully pureed. Slather all over and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes; rinse with cool water. 

I tried this remedy for 2 months once in a week and the result were immediate.  I cant thank her enough. 

And it worked so wonderfully, I now have a bouncy hair.  Give it a try, it worked for me and may be it work for you also.  

Hope this was helpful.

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