Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Skin Saviors Oil Blotting Sheets

I will be sharing my summer skin saviors with you and they are my Oil blotting Sheet.  I am blessed with super oily skin and summers are here and my skin is giving me big time trouble.  I always keep one in my handbag so that I can blot time to time to mattify my face.and they are MUST HAVE for anyone who has combination to oily skin.

At the moment I have three of them to share with you.

NYX Oil blotting Sheets

NYX TEA TREE BLOTTING PAPER: Helps to prevent blemishes with tea tree oil ( though I did not notice anything like this.  It has strong medicated smell.  but it has Tea tree so personally I don't mind that.  Paper is delicate and thin and its enough to remove excess oil on the face.100 sheets for $6.

NYX Tea Tree oil blotting Sheet
NYX GREEN TEA BLOTTING PAPER: It has antioxidants green tea powder which soothes the skin. They are unscented .  Like the NYX Tea Tree one, it has thin and delicate paper.  I personally love this one. 100 sheets is good deal for $6

NYX Green Tea Blotting Sheet
INGLOT OIL BLOTTING SHEET:These are unscented sheets and the texture of the paper is very silky.  Pricey than other Oil Blotting Sheets available in the market. It has 50 sheets only.

Inglot Oil blotting sheet
So these are the one that I own.  I personally like NYX Green Tea Blotting Paper.  Which one do you like?  Do share yours?  Hope this was helpful.

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