Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Although I have super oily skin I have to admit that I have super dry legs so I have to take extra care for them even if there is no winter.  I donot like using harsh scrubs on my legs as it can make my skin even more drier.  One of my friend also has the same problem, and she was using this and she suggested me to use this.  Read on to know my experience?

Price: $20 for 6.9 oz.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Reveal your skin's true radiance with a polishing scrub enriched with luscious lemon seed oil that will leave your skin soft, smooth,radiant and delicately scented with an uplifting citrus fragrance.

BEST FOR: Normal to dry skin.

How it works:
  • Lemon seed oil is high in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C and helps moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Lemon peel and exfoliating Community Trade organic sugar helps to polish and remove dead skin cells.
  • Community Trade organically grown soya oil is rich in essential fatty acids to help restore the skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture and smoothness.
My Views:-

It has a typical round tub packaging that most of the body butters and scrubs have.I love the scent of the whole Sweet Lemon range, after being very satisfied with the shower gel.  It's made on an oil-basis and you can easily feel that, it leaves your skin a bit oily afterwards, which I do not really like.  I have really dry, sensitive, chapped, skin. I use it mostly at night, when i go to sleep, because of its stickiness and then let it sink in. It scrubs okay if you're not into harsh products and tend to have a sensitive skin.  I love the smell, and the scrub is just gritty enough to use on legs and arms. It's not concentrated enough for elbows or heels, though. The granules are actually sugar, so they dissolve pretty quickly. You need a few scoops of this to do a full scrub-down, so it runs out pretty fast. 

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Thumbs Up:-

1.  If you love oily formula on the body you will like it.

2.  Refreshing because of its very citrus smell.

3.  Definite try for people with dry legs and arms.

4.  Safe for sensitive skin.

5.   Lemon seed oil is known to be rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C with excellent moisturizing properties.

6.  It is free from harmful Sulfates, Phthalates and Triclosan which are found in most cosmetic products including soaps etc.

7.  The skin feels so smooth and soft after using it

Thumbs Down:-  

1. Price, i donot want to spend 20$ for the body scrub as it doesnot last long.

2. It leaves an oily cast on the skin.

I LIKE this product as it helps with my dry legs and arms.  But I do not use it in the daytime as it leaves an oily residue.  I use it at night before bed and next day I have super soft legs which I LOVE.

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