Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Disney Trip!

Hey Everyone!

Finally I am back with my Disney trip, it was loads of fun and super duper tiring.  My feets are still hurting.  Anyways coming back to the Trip, we were there for 5 days and I had another best time of my life.  Have never seen such place, can only imagine in dreams.  since my childhood I was very fond of Disney Characters, be it Donald, Mickey, Minnie,Daisy anyone.  My favorite among them is off course Mickey.  I always wanted to go Disney as I want to see the whole magical world and it was indeed a magical place.  Disney has several theme parks like Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom.  My favorite was Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  And the Mickey's Hallowen Party was Awesome!

Sharing few pics from the trip.

Halloween Party Parade

Halloween Party Disney

Entry of Epcot!

Daily show in Magic Kingdom Near Castle!

Finding Nemo- The Show!

Minnie Saying Hi!

Giraffe in animal Kingdom

The Tree at Animal Kingdom
King of Jungle!
Downtown Air Ballon!

And this is finally me and my little girl saying no to photo!

Disney Pic

This is the mini haul from my Disney Trip!

Disney Haul

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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