Thursday, October 3, 2013

Monthly Empties

Hey Everyone,

I have a super oily skin so I have to take extra care for my skin otherwise it gets really bad.  I have been taking a very good care of my skin lately.  Because if the skin is good definitely the makeup will also look good.  This month I used up mostly the skin care stuff.  So here is the sneak peak-

Monthly empties

Left to Right:-

1.  Sunsilk Shampoo-  I use this shampoo and baby shampoo to clean my makeup brushes and its pretty good for that use.

2.  Sebamed Facial Foam:-  My HG Cleanser.

3.  Loreal Go Clean Cleanser-  Pretty decent product.

4.  Caudalie Cleansing Water-  Can be used as makeup remover and Cleanser.  My another HG, reviewed Here

5.  Vaseline Total Moisture:-  Decent Moisturiser for Summers.

6.  Maybelline Baby Lips:-  Cant have enough of these totally love them.

7.  Clinique DDMG Travel Size:-  This one I carry with me in my makeup bag, have to get another travel size.  Great product.

8.Vitamin C Moisturiser:-  I bought this just because it says it has Vitamin C, didnt broke me out.  Didnt notice any difference in the skin, quite oily for my oily skin.

9.  Bumble N Bumble Shampoo conditioner Sample-  Bought this to see if this product really works, but sadly this didn't do anything exceptional.  I can get these kind of quality at drugstore also.

Monthly empties
Monthly empties

Monthly empties
That is it for this post, hope you liked the post.  

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