Monday, September 9, 2013

This or That Tag

Hey Everyone!

I was tagged by Asmitha from to do this blog.  Thank you so much Asmitha I love your blog and I love reading your answers.  

Here are mine:-

  • Blush or bronze- Blush as well as bronzer
  • Lip gloss or lipstick- Lipstick for sure
  • Eyeliner or mascara-Mascara
  • Foundation or Concealer- Foundation
  • Neutral or Colored eye shadow- Neutral eye shadow
  • Pressed or Loose eye shadow- Pressed eye shadow
  • Brush or Sponge- Brush
  • OPI or China Glaze- OPI such beatiful colors.
  • Long or Short- Short
  • Acrylic or Natural- Natural
  • Bright or Dark- Bright
  • Flower or no Flower- Flower, I am loving nail arts posts from fellow bloggers so much!
  • Perfume or Body splash- Perfume
  • Lotion or Body Butter-Body Butter...i have ultra dry legs.
  • Body wash or Soap-Body wash
  • Lush or other- Not a lush fan...i love The Body Shop!
  • Jeans or Sweat pants- Jeans
  • Long sleeve or Short Sleeve- Short Sleeve
  • Dress or Skirt-Dress
  • Stripes or Plaids-Stripes
  • Scarves or Hat-Scarf
  • Studs or Dangling earring-Studs
  • Necklace or Bracelet-Bracelets
  • Heels or Flats-Both
  • Cowboy boots or Riding boots-Riding boots
  • Jacket or Hoodies-Jacket
  • Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe-Forever 21...i have never tried Charlotte Russe
  • Curly or Straight- Straight
  • Bun or Polytail-Bun
  • Bobby pins or Butterfly clips-Bobby Pins
  • Hair Spray or Gel-Hair spray
  • Long or Short-Long
  • Dark or Light-Dark
  • Side swept bangs or Full bangs-Side swept Bangs
  • Up or Down-Up
  • Rain or Shine- Shine
  • Summer or Winter-Winter
  • Fall or Spring-Fall
  • Chocolate or Vanilla-Vanilla with chocolate topping
These are my answers Asmitha, hope you enjoyed them...Now I will tag each one of you who is reading this post and drop the link in comment box.  I would love to read yours as well.

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