Friday, September 6, 2013

My first MAC Brush: 217 Blending Brush

I always hear from so many beauty bloggers and Youtube guru about this brush and how good this brush is for blending the eye shadow.  But I always used to postpone it because of the heavy price tag it comes with.  I was using Sigma blending brush which works well but I wanted this one.  So finally on my recent visit to MAC I picked up this puppy and I am loving it so much.


Mac 217 Brush

My Experience:-

I absolutely love this brush, it has a white bristles which are soft as baby's bottom.   The shape of the brush looks flat but it has oval curvy edges which fit in the crease area easily which makes the blending of eye shadows super easy and quick. The bristles are pinched in from the neck and are densely packed, they pick up and transfer the color on the lids with no fall outs.  It is a multitasker, it not only blends the eye shadow very well but can also be used to apply highlighter, few years ago I was so bad i blending several colors together.  this brush will blend your eye shadows even if they are not from the high end brands.  It is a MUST HAVE brush from MAC and I am totally loving it.  What I have learnt is if you are really serious about makeup, invest in good and quality brushes rather than wasting your money here and there with zero results.  These brushes will last you ages and though initially they will make a dent into your pocket but they truly deserve to be with you in your vanity.

Mac 217 Blending Brush
Thumbs Up:-

1.  Super soft bristles

2.  Blends eye shadow like a pro.

3.  Multitask-can be used for highlighting the face, application of powder on the under eye area, application of eye shadow, blending the concealer, contouring nose, applying paint pots or cream eye shadow etc.

4.  Picks the right amount of pigment required and applies beautifully.

5.  Bristles do not shed after washing.

Thumbs Down:-

1.  Price.

2.  The bristles of the brush are white in color which will get stained on uses but the effectiveness of application will not decrease.  Thats a personal thing I do not like to see stained bristles.

This was my experience with the brushes.  I am eyeing on MAC 219 now.  Lets see!  Hope this was helpful.
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