Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SammyDress Website Review

Recently I was contacted by SammyDress website and they have asked me to review some of the products.  They have provided me the coupon and asked me to order the products that says ship in 24 hrs and I ordered few products from their website.  I ordered the products on 2nd January and I have received the same on 30th Jan which is fine with me because the packet was coming all the way from China.

SammyDress.com Review

So coming to the website

Sammydress is a Chinese websites and they have clothing, shoes, Jewellery, bags and so many other stuff available at factory price.  When I first visited the website I was amazed to see such low prices, I mean you will not believe how amazing stuff they have and to what price are they selling these things.  I was not sure of what I will get because the prices were so cheap to be honest.

SammyDress Review
So once I placed the order, I got the confirmation mail from Sammydress.  On Jan 7, I received a mail that the order has been shipped. And on 30th January I received all the stuff.

I wanted to order mix of everything so that I get better idea of everything and I review website in better way.

What I ordered:-

What I Ordered from Sammydress.com
Links to the products I got.


Cotton Hat



I got the packet in the perfect position.  Everything was packed perfectly.

SammyDress.com Review

All the products came in perfect condition.

SammyDress.com Review
Quality of Products Received:-  I am amazed to see the quality of the products, everything has superb quality.  You cant imagine the price after seeing the product.  Amazing!

Did the stuff fit me?

As far as shoes are concerned they did fit me, I wanted to order heels but honestly I did not ordered them thinking they wont be comfortable and I like my shoes to be comfortable.  I can wear a top from streets but shoes are something i never compromise on.  The fit of the shoes is just amazing, I wanted to use the stuff before I review the products so i decided to wear the shoe to office and when I wore these shoes whole day they were really uncomfortable and I got a shoe bite also, i got these shoes for $19 nearly and they were one of the pricest shoes on the website but I wont be wearing them now.

Bracelet has superb quality, I have the similar one from Forever21 and nobody can differentiate the two.  Amazing quality as far as accessories are concerned.

Cotton Hat for Babies:-  Actually I was short of some 3$ in total bill that is the only reason why I picked these.  Its super soft in quality the shade is just perfect. But when i opened the packet I saw some strands of hair sticking on it and I got really disappointed.

Now Lastly, Coming to the Top I got, I got the top on the website which says its One Size that fits all.  However when i received the top it says the size is large, so when I tried this today It didn't fit me, it was too tight from the sleeve and I wear the size Medium so anybody with Medium or larger size, the one size fits all will not fit at all.  There is size guide too and I checked that before ordering but the size didn't fit me at all.  So this is also of no use for me but the only issue here is the size, the quality and the detailing of the top is amazing and it has superb quality, I gave the top to my friend who is size small and it fits her perfectly and she loved it so much.  

So Overall, If you are looking for something on a budget you can definitely try it, plus i would say the clothing section products are quite small in size of what you expect.  I ordered stuff from all the categories so that I will have better idea of what kind of stuff they have, but personally I am not really impressed with the stuff I got though I have selected the stuff on my own.

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