Friday, February 21, 2014

Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturising Balm Stain Review, Swatches and FOTD!

Recently I have been exploring few drugstore brands which I have never tried and there is one new discovered product that I have been recently using and loving so much that I almost barely touch my other lip balms now.  The weather is really cold and dry lips need extra moisture, so recently I got two of the shades from Jordana Twist and Shine Balm, I thought I would share my new favorites with you guys so that you can also try these.

Jordana Twist And Shine Balm Stain

Jordana Claims:-
• Moisturizing Balm Infused with a Light-Weight Stain
• Applies with a Glossy Finish then Transforms into the Perfect Flush of     Color
• Long-Lasting
• Retractable, No Sharpening Required
• Paraben-Free
• Made in USA

Price:- $2.99 can you believe a lip stain for this much amount.

Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stain

Short Story Behind:-  I wanted to share one little story on how I started loving these and how amazing these are.  So one day me and Mr. Husband went to one of our neighbour and like most of them I didn't wore my makeup, I just applied this balm and my brown kohl.  So when we came back after 5-6 hrs I was too tired to wash my face.  So I slept like that only without washing the face.  So the next morning when I wake up Mr. Husband asked me now you slept with your lipstick on and I was like...No I didn't wore lipstick.  I immediately went to washroom and what I saw was amazing as well as hilarious.  My lips were all stained red, and I was like OMG this stuff works like ahmazing.  This is the first time when the lip stain really stained my lips for so long.  So this is not only give you full on color it will stain your lips as if you are wearing lipstick.

So this is the short story that I wanted to share.  these are just amazing and I would suggest everyone to try these and I am going to pickup all the colors now. 

What are these?
These are retractable balm stains that twist up from the bottom, so no more sharpening.

Jordana Twist and Shone Moisturising Balm Stain
Shades:-  Tropical Frenzy is a true Fuschia pink shade, Rock and Rouge is a cool Red shade which looks lovely and my fav Red.

Wear Time:-  These does not claim to stay for 12 hrs but these are one of the balm stains that stay for whole day, the shine does reduces with time but the color intensity is great.

Texture and Formula:-  These are amazingly pigmented lip stains and they are extremely moisturising even more than Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains.  The finish is glossy.

Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturising Balm Stain
Pigmentation:- These are highly pigmented shade, the pigmentation is buildable so you can use them in a sheer way by patting lightly or full on color.  They leave behind stain which stays for amazing time.

Jordana Twist and shine Moisturising Balm
Thumbs Up:-  

1.  Amazing shade selection.
2.  Amazing Wear time.
3.  Stain the lips beautifully.
4.  Cheap.
5.  Amazing quality.
6.  Extremely moisturising.
7.  Highly pigmented.
8.  Amazing price.

Thumbs Down:-

Nothing, I totally LOVE these and I will be getting more shades.

This is how my current favorite shade Rock and Rouge looks on me.

Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturising Balm Stain
Overall, I freaking Love this stuff and If you are someone whose lipstick always wear off when you go to some parties and all, try this you will LOVE it, it will not come off until and unless you use makeup remover to remove it.
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