Friday, November 1, 2013

Empty Products! Things I've Used up

I have recently started doing this kind of post as it is a great way to clear your stash plus you get to use your products which is great.  Without much talking let's get started.

Monthly empties!

1.  St. Ives Indulgent Coconut Milk Triple Butters Body Wash:-  I have picked this up from target while browsing the beauty section, its a nice body wash which does not dry the skin, the only problem that I see is its little thin in consistency.  I will not repurchase this again.  I bought this for some 5-6$

2.  Himalya Neem Face Pack:-  It is my favorite face mask, it really helps in controlling oil plus it keeps pimples at bay.  this is my HG face mask, will repurchase this again definitely.  I bought this from an Indian Store for $8

3.  Dabur Gulabri:-  This is a rose water which I use in my face packs mainly homemade ones, decent one but if it gets into eyes it itches.  Will not be repurchasing this again.  Bought this for some  $10 from an Indian Store.

4.  Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser:-  I have a dry skin so definitely need something which is really moisturising, in summers this is what I use but now as the weather is changing I alternate between this and my body butter from The body shop.  Will definitely repurchase this again.  Bought this for some 5-6$ from my local target.

5.  The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin clearing Toner:-  this is a decent toner which does helps in blemishes, but I am someone who gets bore really easy though its a decent one but I will not repurchase this, I have already bought Boots Toner which is great.  bought this for some $11

6.  Johnsons Baby shampoo:-  Nothing fancy I use this to wash my makeup brushes works well, will repurchase this again.  Price:- $6

7.  The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub:-  It is definitely a nice product which is moisturising too, i mainly use this at night to treat dry areas.  Pretty good but will not repurchase again.  I have got another body scrub from TBS Cocoa Butter which works fine too.  Bought this for some $20

8.  Clean and Clear Face Wash:-  I got this face wash with me from when I came back here, never used this but now I finally used this up.  Its a decent product for the price and does no harm and no good to the skin.  Will not repurchase this.

9.  Target exfoliating Cotton Pads:-  I saw Missglamorazzi raving bout these cotton pads so I though of trying these but they are way to abrasive to use on face. Will definitely not repurchase this again.  Bought this for some $2 to $3.

That is it for my Empty post, guys I would definitely suggest you to do these kind of posts because we all have alot of products but somehow we are too lazy to use them, this kind of posts help you to use them up and keeps you motivated also.

Hope you liked it, I would love to see yours also.


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