Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye shadow Palette

Hey Everyone...

I am back with one more review of the product and this time its Wet n Wild Color icon eye shadows .  I have bought so many products from this brand and I totally adore this product.  Its super duper cheap with quality of high end products, in fact the quality of eye shadows can be compared to the MAC eye shadows.  so lets get started.

This palette hast 8 different colors. On each side you have 4 colors and all 4 colors are made for a complete look and its very user friendly.  All the colors are shimmery wherein some are more and some are less shimmery.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye shadow Palette-Comfort Zone
Price: $5 can you believe it for 8 eye shadows.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye shadow Palette-Comfort Zone

First Column:

Brow bone: It is a warm beige with soft and frosted finish.

Eyelid: Smoky brown with frosty finish.

Crease: Dark golden brown with a shine.

Definer: Dark burgundy with brown shimmer and has red undertones to it.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye shadow Palette-Comfort Zone

Second Column:

Brow bone: Grayish with frosted sheen.

Eyelid: Green with golden sheen to it.

Crease: Olive green with golden shimmer in it.

Definer:  brown with teal metallic tone.

/ have not used any primer underneath.

Final Verdict:-

1.  Very pigmented and creamy.

2.  On the back of this palette, you can read the instructions on how to apply the eye shadows.

3.  Lots of Fall outs.

5.  All the shimmery colors no matte shade.

6.  The Wet n Wild shadows are so rich and soft, and I love how it only takes a little bit to get the look you're after.

7.   You only need a tiny amount of the dark shades to get the job done, so little goes a long way.

These are my views on this palette, do try this palette.  Hope this was useful.

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